How Bail Bonds Work

How does our process work?

What do you mean by Bail?

Bad Girls Bail Bonds Florida comes up with unmatched services. Bail is actually the financial arrangement where the bonding agency can make on your behalf of criminal defendant. Miami Bail Bonds act for defendant and will arrange with court in order to have suspect released from jail pending the trail in the exchange for money or any collateral. They may involve any cash, bonds and assets. The court will set the monetary value of bail.

The Miami Bail Bonds Agency will be responsible for ensuring that individual will be arriving on court on day for his or her trail. A bond will act as surety that will come up with full bail amount that needs to be paid, but courts will either accept the full bond or 10% of the cash down payment should be released of a suspect.

How bonds work?

The bondsman will work with the agency and put the fee for the release of the suspect, the bondsman will charge you with a fee that is about 99% of the amount of money that is necessary to pay. This is the initial fee and not refundable in any case even when the case is thrown out.

In case the defendant do not come to court on trial day, the bondsman can hire the bounty hunter in order to track down the defendant and the bondsman will also have the authority to sue the defendant for money which was actually given to court for defendant’s bail bond. The Miami Dade Bail Bonds Process come up the easy process.

Miami Bail Bond ServiceMiami Bail Bond Service

Just in case you would like to know how our Miami Bail Bond Services work and what the bailing process is exactly, read through this particular section of ours. But first let’s start by understanding what a bail bond is.

A Bail Bond is basically an instrument that helps the defendant to get out of jail in case he/she does not have enough money to pay. The service of a Bail Bond Agent is set at 10%. This means that a $10,000 bond will cost the defendant $1000.

However, this is not all. Had it been all about getting discounted services, the concept of bail bonds would have not been as popular as it is today. By issuing a bail bond, the Bail Bond Service Agents insure that the defendant will be present at the court hearing.

Note: Bail bonds help one only in keeping out of jail and do not free the accused of legal charges.

There are a few other things that you need to know about Bail Bonds and Bail Process. And, collateral is one such thing. Sometimes a bail agency may require collateral while issuing/writing a bail bond. It is used to cover the remaining amount of a bail. Collateral is only required when extra assurance is required regarding the presence of the defendant at the court on the issued date/dates.

Miami-Dade Bail BondsThe Miami-Dade Bail Bonds Process

As far as Miami-Dade County is concerned there are two types of bail bond booking processes. Within these two bookings once the person has been booked and PID our agents are able to post the bail bonds. On the posting of the bond the defendant is immediately released.

Miami Bail Bond Service FlSome Other Useful Information

  • Ensure the agent charges you the legal rates
  • Hire only a licensed agent
  • Keep copies of all your signed documents and contracts
  • Ask for itemized receipts of all charges

Keeping these few things in mind shall prove to be of great help. However, in case you are still concerned about any information feel free to ask our agents.

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